Monster Hunter Stories 2 Story Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch July 2021. This new trailer showcases grand cinematics, imaginative monsters, and over-the-top melodrama.


  1. Runescythe9852

    Runescythe9852Пре дан

    Its hard to tell if this game is trying hard to run parallel with MH Rise, and that alot of monsters we see in this game will end up in the (Likely next year's) expanion.

  2. malacic zahkhav

    malacic zahkhavПре 4 дана

    lol looks like zelda, but if it's got those phantom pain mechanics with monster hunter; all while looking like zelda. i'm down.

  3. జ్ఞా Dippy Jippy జ్ఞా

    జ్ఞా Dippy Jippy జ్ఞాПре 4 дана

    I hate this style for graphics.

  4. Lionel Ottison

    Lionel OttisonПре 4 дана

    This is the game I been waiting for all summer.

  5. Infinity Master

    Infinity MasterПре 4 дана


  6. Atherline _yt

    Atherline _ytПре 4 дана

    I spent four days and 50 min on the first stories hopefully this one is that good.

  7. SuperVini310

    SuperVini310Пре 4 дана

    "So, you're going to be born, huh?"

  8. Infinity Master

    Infinity MasterПре 4 дана

    Probably the same thing my doctor said when I was about to be born too.

  9. Hobbes

    HobbesПре 4 дана


  10. F001i0

    F001i0Пре 4 дана

    Already got my Collectors Edition preordered 🤙🏻 Love anything Monster Hunter

  11. G4 System

    G4 SystemПре 4 дана

    wow can't wait

  12. Vacoonta Tucker

    Vacoonta TuckerПре 4 дана


  13. Wigadama

    WigadamaПре 4 дана

    *_everyone who sees this: You’re beautiful, and never give up your dreams, you are in this world for a reason_*

  14. B0N3Y4RD

    B0N3Y4RDПре 4 дана

    Yeah you too but why are people doing this so much now. I wish yall would act this way in person and not just on some RSclub comment. Not trying to single you out. Haha