Day of the Devs Summer Game Fest Live

Tune in for Day of the Devs to see news, announcements, trailers and more. Brought to you by Double Fine and IAM8Bit as part of the Summer Games Fest.


  1. Blarg42

    Blarg42Пре 14 сати

    Wow...Vokabulantis looks amazing..never seen anything like it!

  2. Tofu Tomato Sauce

    Tofu Tomato SauceПре 2 дана

    I actually prefer this over the main show lol

  3. Dez and Fox Play

    Dez and Fox PlayПре 2 дана

    Jack Black + Bobby Moynihan = Tim Shafer

  4. Nick Klouda

    Nick KloudaПре 3 дана

    Awesome. I love the variety and hearing from the people that make the games.

  5. Charlie Wood

    Charlie WoodПре 3 дана

    11:05 What's great about this moment is the player actually gets spiked, showing how it's preferable to take damage rather than to let the guardian get you. Too many trailers for games show a theoretical player threading the needle perfectly, we need to see more wise, in-the-moment compromising like was shown here.

  6. Jarrett

    JarrettПре 3 дана


  7. John Viggo Grønbech

    John Viggo GrønbechПре 3 дана

    Phantom Abyss = Sens Fortress The Game.

  8. GG

    GGПре 4 дана

    So is Scientific a post/atmospheric rock sim?

  9. Harvest Gamer - Mckliz

    Harvest Gamer - McklizПре 4 дана

    @GG No problem! The music's definitely great!

  10. GG

    GGПре 4 дана

    @Harvest Gamer - Mckliz @Harvest Gamer - Mckliz I was watching this while working so it was on in the background so I was confused at first, but the music was beautiful which is why I looked into it more and found out about Oxenfree! Thanks for the reply though!

  11. Harvest Gamer - Mckliz

    Harvest Gamer - McklizПре 4 дана

    Scientific (scntfc) is the composer - Oxenfree 2 is the game

  12. Darvianthian

    DarvianthianПре 4 дана

    Axiom Verge 2 1:30 Toem 5:30 Phantom Abyss 9:18 Garden Story 12:43 Soup Pot 18:10 Musical Story 20:55 Vokabulantis 24:50 Escape from a Country in Turmoil or Road 96 ? 29:56 Wandering Village 33:56 Unbeatable 38:30 Deaths Door 42:15 Behind the Frame 47:17 Elec Head/Demolition Robots and Walk 52:38 Moonglow Bay 56:15 Loot River 1:00:25 Despelote 1:04:46 Annaparina Showcase: 1:09:22

  13. Darvianthian

    DarvianthianПре 3 дана

    @Eifey another thing that makes me want to get The Wandering Village is the Studio Ghibli inspired art style. The different challenges that they show seem fun to give a try. And yes chaotic as last year was relaxing chill games are nice this time of year.

  14. Eifey

    EifeyПре 3 дана

    @Darvianthian the thing that drew me in with wandering village is the whole symbiosis mechanic! And yes I’ve really come to appreciate relaxing games after such a chaotic year 💫

  15. Darvianthian

    DarvianthianПре 3 дана

    @Eifey Moonglow Bay looks so good. That type of relax and chill type of game. Wish it would come to PS5 bit I'll pick it up on pc. The concept of wandering village is really kinda cool I haven't found a City Sim game in a long time I have enjoyed.

  16. Eifey

    EifeyПре 3 дана

    Thank you for this! I didn’t know what to expect going into watching this but there’s a lot of impressive games here 😌 I’m especially looking forward to Wandering village, Moonglow bay and Despelote (I like my chill games what can i say haha)

  17. Darvianthian

    DarvianthianПре 4 дана

    @xShadowClaw1x Your Welcome! 2 games seem interesting thou about it.

  18. UK Mike

    UK MikeПре 4 дана

    Live chat was as toxic as ever from the kids

  19. Rhi Snowdon

    Rhi SnowdonПре 4 дана

    Can you add the list of games shown please?