Chivalry II Launch Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

The sequel to Chivalry is here, today: Chivalry II. The epic medieval sword and board battler makes it's return with new battlefields. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare first launched in 2012, so Medieval II has been a long time coming.


  1. LJaH

    LJaHПре 11 сати

    does not represent the gameplay. Every soldier should have been constantly spamming the same yelling voice line over and over.

  2. Dirty Heretic

    Dirty HereticПре 3 дана

    Best weapon is an enemies head!!! FOR THE MASON ORDER!!!!

  3. fashion it jobert

    fashion it jobertПре 3 дана

    What an awesome game.

  4. Rey

    ReyПре 3 дана

    This is so fun to just pop in and play.

  5. MuphynToy

    MuphynToyПре 3 дана

    Can't wait for it to be fun for 4 weeks before dead angles and reverse strikes makes it so nobody but the best players can have fun.

  6. nicko198718

    nicko198718Пре 3 дана

    720p for a launch trailer LOL

  7. hioxd

    hioxdПре 4 дана


  8. max trax

    max traxПре 4 дана

    game play trailer WHEN!

  9. KYZA619

    KYZA619Пре 4 дана

    I love it when shit pops up on my screen long before the end of the vid, well done GameSpot!

  10. iAMhonka

    iAMhonkaПре 4 дана

    No Steam launch. Cool.

  11. Raziel354

    Raziel354Пре 4 дана

    I bet Skallagrim is going to have something to say about this game.

  12. Senkerai

    SenkeraiПре 4 дана

    Can't wait to play this when it comes to steam

  13. thunderrider23

    thunderrider23Пре 4 дана

    its on steam for 2 days :D

  14. YourReadThisWrong

    YourReadThisWrongПре 4 дана


  15. Enea Romano

    Enea RomanoПре 4 дана

    Speriamo che non abbia un combattimento simile a Kingdom Come

  16. Mordred Kingslayer

    Mordred KingslayerПре 4 дана

    The only place that it lives

  17. James Roberts

    James RobertsПре 4 дана

    I've been playing and can't get enough. Most fun I've had with a game in a long time, well worth the price

  18. Preston H.

    Preston H.Пре 4 дана

    Love them launching a guy out of the catapult at 1:10

  19. Emanuele Tintori

    Emanuele TintoriПре 3 дана

    I did that with a knight and surprisingly you won't die, instead you take damage regardless, fortunately you don't reach the castle walls. It is most certainly a funny glitch of some kind lol.

  20. Neilos 1714

    Neilos 1714Пре 4 дана

    Cod medieval warfare

  21. Robert Lopez

    Robert LopezПре 4 дана

    Nothing is even similar to COD. This is a better game than any CoD. No kill streaks, no camping. Just skill.

  22. TA KH

    TA KHПре 4 дана

    Great game

  23. Jacob Leyva

    Jacob LeyvaПре 4 дана

    I remember playing the shit out of this game like 8 years ago

  24. ShadyShyGuy

    ShadyShyGuyПре 4 дана

    Can you end them rightly?

  25. SnoutGames

    SnoutGamesПре 4 дана

    I believe it’s like Mordhau so no, I don’t think so.

  26. DTol

    DTolПре 4 дана

    New Mordhau update looks great

  27. Jayson Born

    Jayson BornПре 4 дана

    lmao really

  28. EOS Related

    EOS RelatedПре 4 дана

    Such a stupid game. Sensless gore. What the hell has happened to video games?

  29. MC Ren

    MC RenПре 4 дана

    @EOS Related "You can have the last word" went out the window didn't it haha ya muppet

  30. Jayson Born

    Jayson BornПре 4 дана

    “senseless”??? Not like it’s the FUCKING DARK AGES or anything

  31. Purpl

    PurplПре 4 дана

    ​@EOS Related It sounds like half the time you were writing this comment, you were seething mad, pushing your glasses up against the bridge of your nose, huffing and puffing, while the other half was spent chortling and giggling in a nasally, egotistical tone. Also you contradicted yourself bubba, if 90% of the gaming industry is "sensless" gore as you claim, then the other 10% /must/ hold games like Fifa and Sims... The idea of a game not looking fun is not only subjective, but an incredibly "uninformed comment" as you said, if you're only basing this off of a trailer that primarily serves as marketing, rather than a showcase of the mechanics or gameplay. Lastly, that last strawman was pathetic; "Battlefield is just a game that you play in a map, so its not even really a game at all, just a map. Forget about the movement, shooting, or any other mechanics, you're basically just paying for a $70 Google Earth." Your opinion isn't necessarily stupid, but the way you came to your conclusions and subsequently backed them up certainly were. Nice mic drop at the end too, I'm sure you're all the girls at your middle school talk about.

  32. MC Ren

    MC RenПре 4 дана

    @EOS Related Oh shut up will ya

  33. EOS Related

    EOS RelatedПре 4 дана

    @MC Ren The Irony? Jesus wouldnt agree with you. My opinion would have indeed been a stupid one had I thought that the only games outside of Sensless Gore was FIFA, SIMs or any other EA game. BUT, given that 90% of the industry has basically become this sort of stupidity, I can halfway pardon your sarcastic but uninformed comment. This game doesnt even look fun, which was my point. Battlefield is $70 and they're not even giving you a game, but a Map so there is just "Senseless gore". So yeah, im the one with the stupid I'll dismiss myself from the conversation. You can have the last word.

  34. ClockworkMansion

    ClockworkMansionПре 4 дана

    Why is this 720p?

  35. Wigadama

    WigadamaПре 4 дана

    *_For the 1% of the people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life!_*

  36. Kishin 4321

    Kishin 4321Пре 4 дана

    Thank you for the random positivity Here have a cookie 🍪

  37. Dorwulf

    DorwulfПре 4 дана


  38. WrinkledMajor

    WrinkledMajorПре 4 дана


  39. M3NACE

    M3NACEПре 4 дана

    Cool idea, weird gameplay mechanics

  40. G4 System

    G4 SystemПре 4 дана


  41. TheIgroman999

    TheIgroman999Пре 4 дана