Battlefield 2042 - Everything You Need To Know

The Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer only covered a fraction of what you should know. Here's everything we learned from our preview session with DICE including the release date, in-game gun customization, the new specialist class system, map breakdowns, new conquest mode, massive player count, and if there will or won’t be a battle-royale.


  1. Dylan Walsh

    Dylan WalshПре 4 сата

    all out warfare Is literally the game mode I've always dreamed of in a war game

  2. Eddie Moreno

    Eddie MorenoПре 10 сати

    No mechs?

  3. Hannah R

    Hannah RПре 14 сати

    i love how the world is supposed to be effected by climate change yet theres a whole map thats nothing but ice

  4. Ecchi_ Chan

    Ecchi_ ChanПре 16 сати

    Seems like the game well be amazing whether different maps in one map nice

  5. Cal Bloom

    Cal BloomПре 17 сати

    It will be 2042 before we can find a GPU to play

  6. Leems Bruh

    Leems BruhПре дан

    This is a Battlefield five lol 5:37

  7. Zsavage1

    Zsavage1Пре дан

    No single play.............. NO SALE.!!

  8. Vikram Dhillon

    Vikram DhillonПре дан

    This operators bullshit has broken written all over it. Battlefield has a formula since the dawn of battlefield. 4 class two teams. That's BF. I don't wanna play Call of Raindow Duty 6 Field

  9. Scott Douglas

    Scott DouglasПре дан

    Specialists were an awful idea. Just a bad addition.

  10. Colin Patrick

    Colin PatrickПре дан

    Honestly, I would love it if they left the large-scale game modes at 64 players, but had roaming AI soldiers for each army to mix things up and fill out the new larger maps. That would help mitigate the fears of seeing the same few characters everywhere. It would also make encounters with other players more tense as they would (usually) be a bigger threat than the AI fodder, and lower skill players could still contribute by focusing on AIs. The frenetic nature of the last couple of BF games has really disappointed me... Force fewer sweaty engagements, allow players to slow down a bit and think more tactically, and give them the tools to be creative in their approach.

  11. InfiniteGyre

    InfiniteGyreПре дан

    Ditching the cinematic storyline of BF4 killed all the hype I had for this game. I've played hundreds of hours of BF4's multiplayer and played the campaign a dozen times since it came out. My hope for this game was that it would be a semi futuristic BF4 multiplayer on a huge scale with a thought provoking, borderline movie experience of a campaign that continued the story set in motion by BF4. Instead we, the devoted Battlefield fans of all experience levels, are given the unholy combination of Black Ops 4 operators, a barely comprehendible campaign integrated into a chaotic by nature multiplayer that didn't work out for Titanfall 1 and won't work out here, and the blatant guarantee that this game's aesthetic is going to get fucking devastated by overpriced cosmetics. Looks like I'm gonna replay the BF4 campaign again because I can't justify spending any money on a game that has no substance whatsoever. DICE, EA, You've failed me and you've failed countless others. There better be a stellar campaign added later on and you better not fuck up the multiplayer beyond repair if you want your community to forgive you for this. TL;DR I'm disappointed beyond description and I've resigned to be disappointed by this game.

  12. dazzaburger

    dazzaburgerПре дан

    I hoping that the Levkov makes an appearance

  13. DeFCoN

    DeFCoNПре 2 дана

    Source Code Snatched ! Hahahaha NOW WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY ! This is so righteous ! Burn EA Dice Burn !

  14. Bryce Robinson

    Bryce RobinsonПре 2 дана

    I am excited for the new game. I am freshly coming from COD. I cannot play that title properly for the life of me, it's just not for me I guess. All Battlefield's have been fun for me, and I regret going away from the title. Even if Battlefield has one characteristic that aligns to Battlefield, I am still happy to get away from the run and gun style glitchy COD play.

  15. Sean Walters

    Sean WaltersПре 2 дана

    They'll find a way to make this an awful game per usual. BF3 was the last great BF. BF4 was a glorified update to 3.

  16. Aiden Vibes

    Aiden VibesПре 2 дана

    Will there be cross platform?

  17. UnloadedDrip

    UnloadedDripПре 2 дана

    REMEMBER: Don't pre-order! Pre-orders guarantee money for DICE/EA with no guarantee of a solid FINISHED game!

  18. George Morris

    George MorrisПре 2 дана

    looks good, have no interest in multiplayer never have ,never will, so i won't be buying it

  19. Michael V. Perrotta

    Michael V. PerrottaПре 3 дана

    So many issues. Just remake BF2.

  20. rohit singh

    rohit singhПре 3 дана

    Wtf about battle royal

  21. Lucid Ghost

    Lucid GhostПре 3 дана

    if done correctly, the weapon "mod on the fly" system, could be huge in terms of battlefields fighting

  22. Greg Schoellhammer

    Greg SchoellhammerПре 3 дана

    So the classes system is just TF2 now? Bruh... AWESOME

  23. thedoctor712

    thedoctor712Пре 3 дана

    Hopefully this game is what we are all hoping for, but for the love of god no one pre order this game or any game for that matter

  24. kelvin garrido

    kelvin garridoПре 3 дана

    personally im excited for all the changes

  25. The Aces

    The AcesПре 3 дана

    10 operators with 64 players per side? that sounds awful both enemies and friendlies will look the same and we will see the same operators multiple times in a match, guess 2042 has mass cloning or some shit

  26. Max

    MaxПре 3 дана

    I hate multiplayer. A game like this needs a campaign.

  27. I'm Sorry

    I'm SorryПре 3 дана

    128 PLAYERS DUDE WHAAAT! Might actually pick up a bf game again, my last one was bf4. Any old bf fans think this one will be worth our time?

  28. Herqq

    HerqqПре дан

    I'm seriously thinking of buying this, i've been waiting for a modern battlefield game for a while. Loved bf3 and bf4!

  29. SonOfPatriots

    SonOfPatriotsПре 3 дана

    No campaign... No purchase

  30. CERJ Media: Edited Gameplay and Compilations

    CERJ Media: Edited Gameplay and CompilationsПре 3 дана

    They are adding bots/AI to battlefield? Shut up and take my money! No but seriously, this is a long time coming. Any game should have bots you can play against in a multiplayer setting so you can mess around and have fun, perhaps imposing challenges on yourself or whatever. As long as you have the ability to turn off all HUD elements for extra immersion, I'm sold.

  31. ThePsychoReturns

    ThePsychoReturnsПре 3 дана

    The specialist system is a horrible idea.

  32. Chilled Wombat

    Chilled WombatПре 3 дана

    All I neec to know is which class has the ammo crate.

  33. Dayfall Coffee

    Dayfall CoffeeПре 3 дана

    Tbh the specialists sound like a mix of r6 and overwatch, I really hope they don't screw it up. The battlefield class system I thought was fine as it was.

  34. NCC 1701

    NCC 1701Пре 3 дана

    Bring It!!! Dice!!! Need Beta Now!!!

  35. Joe Joe

    Joe JoeПре 4 дана

    no campaign = no buy

  36. Justin Gaethje Cat

    Justin Gaethje CatПре 3 дана

    No fucks = given

  37. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordПре 4 дана

    The one game that should have inherently made the best battle Royale never even made a good one.

  38. Leo Bravo

    Leo BravoПре 4 дана

    We don’t have to play as a specialist though right?

  39. Max Arsenault

    Max ArsenaultПре 4 дана

    Climate change... really...

  40. Lucas West

    Lucas WestПре 4 дана

    You lost me at "climate change"

  41. Luis Martinez

    Luis MartinezПре 4 дана

    Will it be on ps4

  42. Slayer 420

    Slayer 420Пре 4 дана

    So it will be like that: 50 Borises vs 50 Websters. That’s goofy as f

  43. JK B

    JK BПре 4 дана

    so we have a bloodhound, Pathfinder, Lifeline and a Rampart. Nice EA cant wait

  44. psemar

    psemarПре 4 дана

    climate change lol

  45. M0rph3u5

    M0rph3u5Пре 4 дана

    come on!! what about Crossplatform?! this is the era of crossplatform .. how can you forget to ask about that? this is the future of gaming!

  46. Noxlight

    NoxlightПре 4 дана

    "vehicles get parachuted to the spot where you cal them" oh no..... not again the card system from battlefront NO PLS

  47. Herqq

    HerqqПре дан

    These things aren't even remotely related

  48. MysticHero

    MysticHeroПре 2 дана

    That doesn´t sound like the card system at all. Don´t know how those two are possibly related.

  49. Noxlight

    NoxlightПре 4 дана

    hope they will bring back the "sandbox" feeling of battlefield

  50. Don yang

    Don yangПре 4 дана

    so the storyline is like a prequel for 2142 like wars between coalitions rather than countries... but still, like any other bf games the 1 and V, the biggest problem will be cheating...I am still gonna be on the lookout...

  51. Alex James

    Alex JamesПре 4 дана

    I wanna be really excited for 2042 but a couple Warzone style choices has me worried. Hopefully they keep it somewhat serious, when it comes to skins and specialists. Let Cod and fortnite do the crossover stuff

  52. lamso 24

    lamso 24Пре 4 дана

    This guy did a great job explaining things because I didn't know anything about this game but now I feel better about the title.

  53. Adam R | eStudioStar

    Adam R | eStudioStarПре 4 дана

    Some of those maps looked like BF4 Locations

  54. Joey Ricci

    Joey RicciПре 4 дана

    This whole video sounded like a bunch of speculations.... Ill wait to hear it directly from the source before I make judgement

  55. Bantana Audio

    Bantana AudioПре 4 дана

    I smell microtransactions. I'm out...

  56. Sans Skeleton

    Sans SkeletonПре 4 дана

    So its team fortress 3 with a tom clancy breakpoint touch

  57. Mr.Nice Guy

    Mr.Nice GuyПре 4 дана

    Battlefield : siege

  58. Evil Inside

    Evil InsideПре 4 дана

    Say NO to the specialists !!!

  59. Gribbles

    GribblesПре 4 дана

    For the love of God, bring back hardcore mode PLEASE!!!

  60. Cloud Nimbus

    Cloud NimbusПре 4 дана

    Welp, not purchasing if there’s no story mode

  61. Justin Gaethje Cat

    Justin Gaethje CatПре 3 дана

    Okay furry 😂🤡

  62. Cayde-8

    Cayde-8Пре 4 дана

    So its Black Ops 4 without zombies. Already disinterested.

  63. Mohamed EMINƎM

    Mohamed EMINƎMПре 4 дана

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaas BOTS FINALLY 😍😍

  64. Cows_n_Muffins

    Cows_n_MuffinsПре 4 дана

    The player cap being raised to 128 is the only advancement I'm looking forward to. MAG did 256 players in one map in 2010. How is Battlefield just now reaching half of that in 2021.

  65. Renan_PS

    Renan_PSПре 4 дана

    Operators are shit and no story mode is bad, rest is fine.

  66. Whiskeylung - The Guy who...

    Whiskeylung - The Guy who...Пре 4 дана

    No free to play model might be the kiss of death - not just for player counts but for the knowledgeable gamer. Doesn't look like they've created anything new here and they really needed to reinvigorate the franchise by breaking the mold. Using a Battlepass system in a game that is a full retail purchase? I don't know man - you gotta bring something that dominates the gaming world for this to be an easy pill to swallow.

  67. Kent James

    Kent JamesПре 4 дана

    Ya I enjoy BF but will probably be skipping this one, wouldn't be to surprised if they try and bring back loot boxes in some way to get even more money out of people on this £70 - £110 game.

  68. RandyAndy

    RandyAndyПре 4 дана

    5:37 "Battlefield V" lol

  69. Adrien Follezou

    Adrien FollezouПре 4 дана

    That will be an other copy/paste of bf3, 4,5...

  70. Surge kage

    Surge kageПре 4 дана


  71. the Bro Gamer

    the Bro GamerПре 4 дана

    Amazingly informative - TY!!! (whispers BOOOYAH)

  72. Gary Hamad

    Gary HamadПре 4 дана

    So Operator is where those CoD Ex-Employees came in God damn it

  73. CombatWalnut

    CombatWalnutПре 4 дана

    The trailer is awesome for sure but why are they charging $60 with no campaign mode? It's like they want us to pay full price for half the normal game... I hope there is more than just these few maps with the different game modes or the price just seems greedy cause they know people will buy it

  74. shogenx

    shogenxПре 4 дана

    this sounds like a microtransaction nightmare, I dont feel like this is a great idea... personally all i wanted was a return to bf4 with few extra bells and whistles and just as many guns :( i dunno i guess ill wait on it

  75. pat crayon

    pat crayonПре 4 дана

    hero shooter shit kills it for me no thanks, hopefully its more generalized

  76. Gabe Storm

    Gabe StormПре 4 дана

    But will we still be able to play Locker and Metro maps?

  77. Chris H

    Chris HПре 4 дана

    Everything you need to know: EA = GREED.

  78. Mr.gamer04

    Mr.gamer04Пре 4 дана

    Will there be crossplay?

  79. Johan Rosenberg

    Johan RosenbergПре 4 дана

    I'm so glad they're adding bots back in! And I'm not gonna miss the single-player because for me it has always failed to deliver what I seek. Too bad 1 and V didn't have that though, because modern just isn't my cup of tea.

  80. Angelexya

    AngelexyaПре 4 дана

    God climate change? In 20 years? Yeah right that’s definitely plausible. More likely to blow each other up and destroy our planet with nukes than climate change

  81. BlueFeral

    BlueFeralПре 4 дана

    Battlefield More like Bad game

  82. Pienas Kibire

    Pienas KibireПре 4 дана

    I'm not feeling the operators. Sounds like some kind of COD or Rainbow Six Siege stuff which I don't like a tiny bit. Who knows maybe they will do it really well, but at the moment I think they should have stick with classes, give us ability to unlock camo patterns, maybe some other stuff like headwear, different clothing pieces, vests, plate carriers, stuff like that, just to customize our character, but other than that I feel like class system was good in BF3 and BF4.

  83. Dj RealFake

    Dj RealFakeПре 4 дана

    lol never thought I'd see Battlefield copying so many other shooters, this game smells like CoD. Like the operator thing, the "plus" system, the no pat soldiers, if done right and done in a call of duty game would be cool but Battlefield has always been a game about general infantry and the armies they serve smashing into each other on a massive "battlefield" not Major General Corporal Ace Dave sliding around fortnite dancing on the haters. To me battlefield has always been the arcade title in the space made by games like Arma, and project reality, which kept battlefield the premier title for people who wanted to play a war game, not just a shooter but who also didn't want to go full tilt and bore themselves to death in a milsim. Battlefield is taking its self out of its niche and moving into the ground war niche CoD made when it added combined arms. I just hope Battlefield is done right this year because if not that's it for the title.

  84. louie

    louieПре 5 дана

    Cod Modern Warfare is still the best than this!

  85. louie

    louieПре 4 дана

    @Porter4213Dont deny you're one of us!

  86. Porter4213

    Porter4213Пре 4 дана

    Ok Fanboy lol

  87. Chris Stansen

    Chris StansenПре 5 дана

    No single player... OK bye

  88. ShapeShifter

    ShapeShifterПре 5 дана

    Am I the only one who detests the character system that games like Black Ops uses? It doesn't make sense to see 50 clones of the same guy running around the battlefield. I prefer the Battlefront 2 style where you have nameless trooper classes that are easier to identify yourself as.

  89. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderПре 4 дана

    There’s more skins in Black Ops than there are in Battlefront 2 thanks to the shop, just saying

  90. Discreet Ninja

    Discreet NinjaПре 5 дана

    no story, ill pass.

  91. Roman Moga

    Roman MogaПре 5 дана

    WTH is this! Where's our boy Aa-ron!?

  92. yur Bur

    yur BurПре 5 дана

    This shit sounds just like warzone with a price tag and more “deep” story ig

  93. NuKe Em

    NuKe EmПре 4 дана

    warzone aint shit against that. Bf had bigger maps before gayzone was even developed

  94. Daniel Stach

    Daniel StachПре 5 дана

    5:37 Ups.There should be Battlefield 4, no Battlefield V

  95. Karm G

    Karm GПре 5 дана

    I really don't like hero characters...

  96. VladTutushkin

    VladTutushkinПре 5 дана

    What i am interested in is - will there be a system of reinforcing devastated areas with cover? Like in BF5. I personally never bought it but it is the only system that i liked in the game so they better use it again. It also fits with the themes of “upheaval” when some giant ass tornado swipes away cover and you have to make something in its place or be an easy target for enemies.

  97. Clush Delga

    Clush DelgaПре 5 дана

    i feel the same way

  98. Joshua Nadisan

    Joshua NadisanПре 5 дана

    These specialists ruin hard-core and no hud mode

  99. JellyGhost__

    JellyGhost__Пре 3 дана

    we need bfv type customization.

  100. Bigcat

    BigcatПре 5 дана

    I hate that my team consist of 120 some odd players. I feel like I dont matter.

  101. Faaz Noushad

    Faaz NoushadПре 4 дана

    I think he meant 128.

  102. Umbrella Corporation

    Umbrella CorporationПре 4 дана

    I can understand that, but have you ever seen or played Hell Let Loose or Squad? They're not 64 people per team like this will be, but in a squad in both games you typically have a leader relaying orders from a commander and are all working towards a bigger objective.

  103. [-[tRiX]-]

    [-[tRiX]-]Пре 5 дана

    For a second i thought it was a new 2142. The only thing that has caught my attention is the ai single player.

  104. RebelledSoldier

    RebelledSoldierПре 5 дана

    Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer Singleplayer mode - when you want to play the game and have fun, but not deal with hackers. That is one way to fix your bad anti cheat software, unless of course none of the progress carries over.... then its a happy medium.

  105. typingbacon

    typingbaconПре 5 дана

    I envy the universe where BF V never happened and BF 1 got supported a little bit longer

  106. that guy

    that guyПре 4 дана

    @Ozzy Ziggy I disagree. I hated bf1 and so did alot of other people. Bf1 is the reason they took so long to make another modern battlefield. It's limited success is y battlefield is on the chopblock

  107. Ozzy Ziggy

    Ozzy ZiggyПре 4 дана

    BF1 is the best bf so far

  108. Shreyas Gollamudi

    Shreyas GollamudiПре 5 дана

    I hope since there is no campigen the story is shown like how warzone did it

  109. Rashad Johnson

    Rashad JohnsonПре 2 дана

    I hope you improve your grammar.

  110. Ninjachickenfingers

    NinjachickenfingersПре 5 дана

    I’m pretty sure they only went with the “No pat” thing so they can sell cosmetics a-la COD because now everyone will look different and not have the same uniforms as their team

  111. Zsavage1

    Zsavage1Пре дан

    That is EA and DICE's MO... sell you part of a game as a whole game... then DLC you to death... and it will happen.. and I would bet there are going to be packs you can buy that will put you ahead of people who have to grind for it.. in other words PAY TO WIN...

  112. Jukotaro

    JukotaroПре 3 дана

    I can agree with this. They tried the silly cosmetics in a WW2 game and got backlash. Now they set it in the future to justify doing it, like COD.

  113. medovk

    medovkПре 4 дана

    exactly, that’s why they went for this mad max spin off setting and specialists, so they can turn bf into cod. if you play as US army, you can’t make a neon pink USMC skin, right? they ruined warzone with that ridiculous could war content, i just hope this doesn’t end in the same way. mw2019 had nice mil-sim skins and weapon blueprints, and i bought a lot of them, but cold war…oh jeez, didn’t buy the game, or battlepass just uninstalled the whole thing. and the most ridiculous thing is when the sellout streamers (they all jumped ship to cod) tell us not to worry that a cod manager became BF manager 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 how can that possibly end well??

  114. Obe Comfort

    Obe ComfortПре 4 дана


  115. Basic Beefanomics

    Basic BeefanomicsПре 5 дана

    idk really do think having a war story mode to explain to people how the world of 2042 got to where it is would be nice given the price tag..Oh well I think it'll be a good buy imo or I hope anyways.

  116. Kexin

    KexinПре 5 дана

    This doesn’t sound that different. 😒

  117. Wandering Ape

    Wandering ApeПре 5 дана

    Futuristic without advanced movement

  118. Caleb_C

    Caleb_CПре 5 дана

    I’m guessing crossplay won’t be possible w this game since it seems like it will be a pretty different experience on current and next gen, but here’s hoping lol.

  119. Ben Fenwick

    Ben FenwickПре 4 дана

    There will most likely be joint servers of 64 players so next gen and current gen can play together but next gen will also have the 128 servers

  120. Rodolfo Hernandez

    Rodolfo HernandezПре 5 дана

    I'm gonna pre order now. The last Battlefield I've played was Battlefield 2

  121. Jynxed Koma

    Jynxed KomaПре 5 дана

    Still fighting Russia again I see... EA/DICE wouldn't want to upset China/President Xi now, would they?

  122. Jynxed Koma

    Jynxed KomaПре 4 дана

    @Faaz Noushad Yeah.

  123. Faaz Noushad

    Faaz NoushadПре 4 дана

    @Jynxed Koma I know, which is why I was a little... ticked off.

  124. Jynxed Koma

    Jynxed KomaПре 4 дана

    @Faaz Noushad Believe it or not. That's the lore of what happened just before 2042 in battlefield.

  125. Faaz Noushad

    Faaz NoushadПре 4 дана

    @Jynxed Koma Which is also Bullshit. Germany would be the absolute last nation in the EU27 to collapse. They could have used another justification, or maybe just not have the EU collapse, rather have it grow to its 2142 heights.

  126. Jynxed Koma

    Jynxed KomaПре 4 дана

    @[Redacted] They couldn't do the EU as an antagonist as in Battlefield 2042, the EU broke apart after Germany's collapse in the lore of the game.

  127. trancetasy

    trancetasyПре 5 дана

    no single player means being lazy and no original storyline